We bring great ideas to life.

Shape Lives and Businesses.

We focus on Building Backbone Infrastructure systems to Power Innovation for Financial, Mobility & E-Commerce Solutions.


We bring great ideas to life

We build platforms enabling organizations to access cutting edge technology while simultaneously connecting their solutions to clients through digital environments.

Continuous Innovation
We drive innovation by building cutting-edge technology. Technology is most impactful when it serves a direct purpose for our clients. We aim to deliver streamlined workflows, accurate and reliable systems and greater access to data.
Technology is at the core of everything we do. We not only look to work with the best talent within the firm but also work collaboratively with cutting-edge companies across the globe.
Enabling Scale
Our laser-like focus on problem solving and our creative, entrepreneurial approach allows to support large-scale digital projects

Why Choose Us

Why Work With Us

We are building a digital infrastructure with turnkey integrations enabling access to products, financial services and digital tools. We only take in very few projects at a time

Customers' Feedback

What They’re Saying

Before the Swift team, we struggled with the existing website. The required integrations were not working as expected. Now, not only are we paying a lower cost, but we also get personalised services.

I look forward to developing more products with the team.


Account Manager in Fintech.

I reached out to the Swift team based on a corporate recommendation and they did not disappoint. A different provider we had used delayed our project by more than 6 months.

Swift were able to restart the project and deliver 4 weeks earlier.

Mr. Kimani

MD in mobility Company

Thanks for the prompt and efficient turnaround with continually clear communications from the outset. Based on my experience, you seem to be a keen and responsive organisation.

Very good value for money as well – Thanks.


Marketing Head in E-commerce